About Us

Our journey into skin care started from the passion to make everyone, especially people of darker skin tones, to feel more comfortable in their own skin. We understand that darker skin tones deal with lots of hyperpigmentation more than others, simply due to the aggregation and type of melanin in these skin tones. We are taking the guess work out of what is needed for a clear complexion. Our motivation lies in helping women and men of all skin tones to achieve a healthy and even complexion. 

Our approach

Our approach is explorative research of natural actives ingredients to determine the most efficacious ways to use them to treat hyperpigmentation. We focus on formulating with combination of these active ingredients, that are clinically known to clear hyperpigmentation. All our formulas also contain ingredients that boost hydration to the skin, as well as protection from environmental stressors. We avoid the use of sensitizing ingredients like fragrance, dyes, color, and essential oils that can irritate the skin, causing inflammation, and then hyperpigmentation.